Bank of America Exec FRAUD Exposed – ID Thief’s SLIDESHOW Associates VICTIMS Lovers Friends 5 STAR Lifestyle BOGUS Credit and Debit Cards – Raided Acct$ WIRED Fund$

Hair stylist George Cadenas #3 PRYSM hostess/server Natasha Tagai #4 Bank of America exec Mario Elizondo #5 living large and far beyond their means, out on the town in Chicago middle of July 2016. 2016 All rights reserved
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Identity theft is a growing problem that steals billions of dollars from victims in the United States and around the world every year. As widespread as the growing problem is, all too often even corporate titans, including the largest banks - like Bank of America or Wells Fargo - offer little genuine assistance and resolution to victims. And in literally millions of instances the public now realizes the banks own representatives have stolen their identities and even funds from customers bank accounts. Laws against financial terrorists - even when they're the sitting CEO's of the largest banks like Wells Fargo John Stumpf and Bank of America Merrill Lynch Brian Moynihan - need to be updated so they pay the price for their mismanagement and greed; not only their low-level, unscrupulous employees in the tens of thousand of branch locations. Many government agencies and law enforcement agencies simply lack the manpower, training, resources, and 21st century tools to apprehend the criminals - financial terrorists - involved in the activity. reveals important information on how broken the entire system is in dealing with the crimes related to identity theft, from the very top all the down to first rung of the ladder. The problems are devastating - they are vast - they are even very often systemic as we have known in the case of the large banks, for far too long. The solutions are frequently not as easily accessible as they should be and more importantly as they could be by updating the applicable laws and statutes that relate to what is becoming a pandemic of criminal activity as ID Theft Report 2020 researchers and associates document for readers of on a case by case basis.

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